Everton Carvalho

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Everton Carvalho



She has been part of the workshops of TEA - Experimental Theater of Arts since 2000, and participated in courses of theatrical initiation and interpretation promoted by the group and taught by professors Arary Morocco, Argemiro Pascoal, Jô Albuquerque, Carlos Alves and José Carlos da Silva and workshops with the teachers Váva Paulino - Body Expression Rosemary Melo - Voice Technique, Waldir Coutinho - Poetics and Playwriting, Jorge Clésio - Interpretation, Ivonete Melo / SATED-PE - Art Education.


Also participated in the lectures: History of the Theater (Ednaldo Ribeiro - UFPE), Panorama of the Brazilian Theater (Lenicio Queiroga), LUME 20 YEARS - Prison for Freedom (Carlos Simioni / Ricardo Pucetti), Theatrical Criticism (Wellington Junior) and Theater as a vehicle for transformation (Romildo Moreira), Theatrical Direction Workshop 2006 (Moises Gonçalves), Body and Mind Workshop (Guarulhos - SP / Vitória Carmem Macedo (Director and Actress), Open Essay Workshop (Jundiaí - SP / Paulo Autran and Claudio Fontana) , Workshop See and hear on stage with Suzana Saldanha (Rio de Janeiro), Workshop “The Discovery of the Clown” with Paulo Gomes (Rio de Janeiro)


And in 2020 returns the stage in a monologue with a theme unheard of in his career.


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